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 DCG's FREE Basic-Self Assessment and CMMC Tool... a great place to begin tracking your compliance. This copy: 

  • automates scoring of the DFARS Basic Self-Assessment requirements

  • utilizes the DCMA Methodology

  • allows you to track ongoing gaps in compliance at CMMC Level 2

DCG's COMPLETE Basic Self-Assessment and CMMC Tool... a powerful mechanism available for purchase that: ​

  • provides a dashboard for your implementation status against NIST 800-171 and CMMC

  • automates scoring of the DFAR Basic Self-Assessment using the DCMA Methodology

  • provides the following additional features:

    • Organizes associated projects, which can be the basis of your Program Office function for 171 and CMMC

    • Details your current Self-Assessment score

    • Catalogues ongoing gaps in compliance 

    • Tracks the production of artifacts for your future audit

  • includes a consultation with a CMMC expert designed to answer your questions, acquaint you with the Self-Assessment Tool, and familiarize you with the CMMC compliance process.

Access the FREE version of DCG's Basic Self-Assessment and CMMC Tool

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Purchase the COMPLETE DCG Basic Self-Assessment and CMMC Tool

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We are pleased to offer this tool to help your organization meet new DoD Self-Assessment requirements introduced in the DFARS Interim Rule.  This tool has been built with companies of all sizes in mind, and is based on processes that have been in use for the last several years.


As a DoD contractor, you must conduct a DoD Self-Assessment and report your score to ensure that you will continue to qualify for contracts, task orders, and delivery orders that include the common DFARS 252.204-7012 clause. This requirement applies only when you currently hold Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), or when the contracting officer anticipates that you will.  Contracting officers are already very broadly applying this requirement, so if you think it does not apply, seek appropriate counsel advice.

We offer two versions of the DCG CMMC Self-Assessment Tool: a FREE copy to help you begin your Self-Assessment journey, and a COMPLETE copy with advanced capabilities. 

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